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Faith, Mud, and Power Ponderings

Sunday we were visiting  friends and my husband was sharing the joy of power washing, not cars, not houses, not decks, but the granite rocks that the cottages in the Canadian Shield are built upon.You see, construction work had led a path to “wrack and ruin” (I find those words fascinating)  filled with sand and pebbles and grass and plants. Here is where the power washer enters the scene.  Two previously clean, showered, cottage men spent perhaps 30 minutes with this power washer. Doug showing his life long friend Peter the wonders of clearing the path with this amazing tool thus leaving a  clean, beautiful, relatively smooth granite walkway. Yes. The path was clean. However, our men…. Not so much. That machine and water had spewed filth and pebbles, and mud their way and they were deep in dirt.






















They were so deep in dirt that they actually had a hard time seeing  all that had  been accomplished with this incredible power since their glasses were covered in spewed gunk.

                                                                 Scroll back up and read that sentence again.  You know, that is how the Devil wants us to see ourselves. He wants us to be covered in mud and unable to see our worth, unable to see how God can use us, unable to see the power that could be ours if we would just claim it.  He wants us to struggle, to doubt our worth, to question our purpose, to feel less than, to feel anxious that we may just not measure up.

Romans 8:1 says: ” Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”  NOT a spot of sin. NOT a reminder of your past mistakes.  NO stains. No mud.  You are clean because Jesus died for you. It is that simple. It is THAT incredibly awesome. So, if that is true…. then….WHY DO WE ALLOW SATAN TO THROW MUD AT US? 

We give Satan a stronghold  when we doubt God’s promises, when we question our worth, when we compare ourselves to others,  when we take our eyes off of our Lord.  That is when we get covered in dirt and can’t see our worth and can’t focus on who we are and whose we are.

We have Jesus cheering for us, interceding for us.We must remember.“The one who is in us is greater than the one who is in the world” 1 John 4:4.Our identity is in Christ.  In fact, we have a secure position and can stand strong against the anxiety, against the lies, against the doubts, against the confusion.We HAVE INFLUENCE. We HAVE POWER! Do we use it? Do we claim it? Do we walk with God daily?

God’s power is found in His presence.

“But as many as received him, to them gave he the power to become sons of God, even to them that believe on His name.”  John 1:12    The word power is the Greek word “exousia.”  It describes delegated authority or influence. WHEN YOU INVITED JESUS INTO YOUR HEART AND YOUR LIFE  HE DELEGATED TO YOU THE POWER AND AUTHORITY TO BECOME A CHILD OF GOD. So that when the Devil throws that mud… you can calmly claim your heritage, to whom you belong  and the authority and power that has been given you.

We do not need Energy drinks, Protein Powder,or Weights to Lift to gain power against Satan. NO.

                                We have God’s power and authority in Jesus.                                                      .
We have ridiculous power and need to remind ourselves

AND Satan each time we begin to doubt ourselves.  Each time we feel covered in mud.

I am a child of the king because He died for me. Romans 8:17

God has given me authority over all… in HIS name.

Jesus loves ME!!

He is the victor.

I have a secure position in Christ.

Watch Satan run.

I will NOT give Satan power over me. I just won’t !!

My prayer is that those of us who are believers….. who have invited Jesus into their life… will become cognizant of the power provided to us. Power to do good. Power to stand tall in the challenges of life. With God’s power within us… with God’s promises…. with our faithful father… we are strong. Claim His strength. Walk with Him daily. For without Him, we are weak and Satan knows that.  

1.  Guard your Heart.

2.  Memorize His Word. 

3.  Walk  and talk with Jesus.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I would love to connect with you and hear your story. We all have a story to tell…. and yours is unique to you!  = )









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