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Got challenges? Need a solution? Read on….

Life is hard. It has challenges and unexpected bumpy roads along the way.  Not a surprise eh?  I bet you can list off at least five situations that are happening all around you to people you know and love , to neighbors, to families at your child’s school or church.  Take a moment and make your list…

That’s when I crawl up in my Heavenly Father’s  lap and have a little chat. Then put it all in His hands… and have a good snooze. That is such a visual for me.  I often forget and try to take it back thinking that my plan, of course, would be better.  NOT!!   Total surrender and faith.   It wouldn’t be faith if I knew each step and what was going to happen.

It isn’t blind faith because I know my God and I know that He is who He says He is. He is faithful. He is never changing. I know His character and can trust him. Even in the HARD!

I have watched life challenges play out with a sweet friend, Nikki, these past months.  What a great teacher she has been to me…. demonstrating these visual principles time and time again during unknown upon unknown in health challenges, hospital visits, extreme pain, frustration, seemingly unending roadblocks to health. BUT when moments were hard, excruciatingly painful, I saw that God was holding her.

His name was on her lips. His scripture was in her heart. Worship music was reminding her of His love for her. I pictured her crawling up into her Father’s arms and trusting. There she found peace.

I had front row seat to these principles lived out in my mom growing up. People would often say,” But Dottie, you haven’t a clue. How could you possibly understand my difficulties. You haven’t had a problem in your life!”   That is when my mom would invite them to tea and share her life story. God has a plan. He used each segment of my mom’s life story to touch someone. Her experiences and challenges never went to waste. Each experience she had made her uniquely qualified to stand as a living testament to God’s grace, His faithfulness,and mercy even though she hadn’t a clue why she endured her childhood, moved out at 16, her first husband died in a plane crash during the Korean War, my dad (her second husband) died in a plane crash in Pakistan leaving her to raise two small girls on her own. Her breast cancer doctor gave her a max of five years to live when I was in second grade. We were even given the choice of families we would live with for her future looked grim to the doctors. (Fortunately, she lived til I was 32ish.  She had a quadruple heart bypass later in her life. So I had a front row seat to God’s provision and faithfulness and I saw her life story… each raggedy part, be used for His purpose.  Her story allowed her to minister to others going through the same struggles, and often she had opportunity to lead them to the feet of her savior and watch with joy as they invited Him to take the reins of their life.

This fall I’ve had an internet seat watching a sweet mom and dad in Pennsylvania deal with their youngest child close to  death. Their faith, their trust in an unchanging God… a testament to His faithfulness. Plus an internet seat watching the Whiting family and Emily in Texas face the challenges of osteosarcoma, and doctors, and chemo, and the unknown. Plus… a heart written story by Josh Cowell in Rochester, NY… one of encouragement, struggle, miscarriages, and now a beautiful healthy baby.

What each of these stories has in common is this… LIFE can be oh so hard  BUT our God is faithful. He is never changing. This life is but a blip on the radar screen in comparison to eternity spent with our Father.  Hold on tight. Crawl up in His lap when things get rough. Hand over the concern to Him…. and trust. He’s got this. He can use every moment of your challenges to reach others for Him.

People are watching. Your children are watching. Your family is watching. Use your hard to lead them straight to the feet of your Jesus. Let them feel God’s love and peace which can be so palpable in the midst of the bumpy, unexpected, and yes, even joy filled moments of life!

May 2018 find us walking side by side with our heavenly father who knows, who cares, and who wants us to trust Him. He loves us deeply. He wants to use our “hard” to reach others for Him.   We are uniquely qualified!!   Cheering us on. Link arms with others. Be God’s hands and feet. Reach out. Be present. Run toward the hurting one while others run away. Show God’s faithfulness even in the hard.  Praying for you!!     – B



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