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Got Walls?

Got Walls? Ponder with me the question that Facebook has a habit of asking…”What’s on your mind?” It is as if it really cares. Seriously. Stop and think about it.... Continue Reading

Trail Running Tips

Trail running has become increasingly popular, and this sport is enjoyed year-round by many. Running trails adds an aspect of multiple terrain surfaces that serve as a change up to... Continue Reading

An Emergency Pondering: Choices

Choices? Emergency? Really? What could be so important?  We make choices every day. Do our  priorities  really make a difference in our health, our life, our joy, our overall energy?... Continue Reading

Too Much Stuff: 4 inconsequential nuisances

  “Four inconsequential nuisances? Being pecked todeath by chickens? Ok… You have my attention!”   Good! Because we are all suffering from too much stuff and it is affecting our... Continue Reading