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Have a Healthier Day

How many times has someone said, “Have a healthy day!” to you? Probably not too many times. Usually, you hear “Have a good day” which is nice but lets up... Continue Reading

Ready for Resolutions?

The new year is upon us now. That means it is resolution time. Are you ready this year? Is this the year that you are going to make those goals?... Continue Reading

Hello 2018!

Are you all ready for 2018? Are your goals all planned out? Could you use a few pointers to get a good start this year? Goals Take the time to... Continue Reading

Just Start #3: Small and Simple Steps toward Healthy: Increase Activity

Our first topic was: BeVeRaGeS   Action Step: To choose a glass of ice water in place of one of your beverages every day this week. Our second topic is:  GeT... Continue Reading

Ponderings From the Wheel #7: Who/What stole YOUR energy?

SUCCESS  once again.  Our highly skilled detective has discovered another stealthy, unexpected zapper of energy.    NOT EATING OR DRINKING  ENOUGH will zap your energy big time.   Who knew?... Continue Reading